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Using all natural fibers, African artisans handcraft high quality products–baskets, handbags, placemats, pet beds and more–using age-old weaving techniques passed down through generations, as well as new, innovative methods. 

Our global team of designers work together with our African artisans to plan beautiful statements designed to fit a range of styles and price points.

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Home Decor

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Our most diverse product category, home decor, includes stunning wall decor, decorative accessories and storage.

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Table Top

Setting the table with natural fibers brings comfort whether at an event, in a restaurant or home setting and our range spans napkin rings, coasters, wine charms, placemats, bread baskets and more. Our options range from simple and dynamic to statement pieces that catch the eye.

Seasonal & Gift

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Heritage ornaments, on-trend holiday items, garlands, mantle figurines, tree skirts, and table top, and general decor make Holiday one of our favorite product categories.


Quite possibly the cutest pet huts on the planet, and Kristen Bell would agree. Your pet’s favorite spot to lounge can actually complement your home decor! 

Accessories & Handbags

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As partners to some of the leading handbag brands large and small, we produce woven components as well as finished accessories and handbags. 

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Plant & Floral

Our range of natural fiber vases and planters make gift-giving and plant styling all the more fun when our artisans–many of whom are mothers–as well as gift recipients both benefit. 

Where to find All Across Africa Products

Global Retailers

You may see an All Across Africa Kazi tag on a product in a retailer in the U.S. or globally, or you may find a white label product. All Across Africa is achieving our mission of creating jobs and income, whether you see our name or not. 

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Retail Site & Brand, Kazi

“Kazi” means employment in Swahili.  All Across Africa launched Kazi, our retail brand, in 2016 to bring a unique variety of handmade artisan goods to you, as a direct customer. You can shop the Kazi collections focused on stunning wall statements and gifts and have your order shipped from San Diego the same day.

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Wholesale & To-the-Trade Site, Kazi Wholesale

Interior designers, store owners, restaurant designers and independent shops specializing in plants, gifts, floral or more can find a large variety of ready-to-ship Kazi through our wholesale ordering site. Once an approved reseller, you’ll have access to wholesale pricing and to-the-trade discounts.

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