Creating jobs & markets to alleviate poverty in Africa.


Creating sustainability  

All Across Africa

With a population in excess of 1 billion and a low labor demand, unemployment is as high as 80-96% across sub-Saharan Africa.  Throughout the continent, men and women are in need of income that sustainable jobs provide to support their families with food, shelter, and education. We have the answer. Learn More 

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Building Upon 

Traditional Artisan Talent 

Traditionally artisan development and handmade production in Africa has been  fragmented and not capable of scalability.  All Across Africa’s unique innovative model of high volume, high artisan impact provides the highest wages in the region to thousands of artisans.

We do this by:



Identifying rural unemployed populations


Products & Plants 

Sourcing local materials and identifying products that can be produced


Designing products and training men and women to make quality, scalable goods



Products designed and produced have customers connected to them

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A far Reach 

Our Impact 


Reaching across 5 countries in Africa, our impact goes far beyond the 3,200 men and women employed year round.  It reaches to the 5.7 dependents they support, and their community impacting more than 22,000 people directly. See our global reputation 

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Joining together 

A Passion for Sustainability & a Strong Work Ethic

Two of the most unlikely partners joined forces after their first conversation involved debating over the unlikeliness of improved livelihoods from microfinance. 

Blending a passion for sustainable development, business acumen and a strong work ethic, Alicia Wallace and Greg Stone founded All Across Africa in 2013.

Should you meet them, ask them about the time they came face to face with a charging elephant, or climbed to the top of the most active volcano in the world in Congo.  They are  visionaries, wild at heart and committed to making a positive change in the lives of rural populations that they can see in their lifetime. Meet Our Team

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“Fair Trade isn’t just a movement. It’s a call to action for every one of us to live responsible lifestyles, ensuring we’re caring for those down the line that our everyday choices affect.”
— Alicia Wallace, COO
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