Connecting you directly to the African artisan economy

What We Do
We connect your brand with the artisan economy.

At All Across Africa, we help you driving social change through the ethical production and distribution of sustainably made artisan goods. That means:

Customized products to spec
Price engineered to meet your channel needs
Quality, timelines & scale you can count on

This philosophy has allowed us to build a reputation for the best in the industry and partner with hundreds of brands.

Bring sought-after, social-impactful products to your customers x
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Our Practices

At All Across Africa, big change begins and ends with H.O.M.E.S.

H.O.M.E.S. represents a new generation of sustainable production practices. It’s how we’re helping brands invest in a better form of fair trade – today and tomorrow.






Are you ready to take action?

Join the world's top brands in the movement to elevate workers and H.O.M.E.S.

All Across Africa’s products are certified as ethically handcrafted goods under the Nest Standards and Seal of Ethical Handcraft for homes and workshops. Nest plays a vital role in the campaign to achieve industry-wide transparency and compliance for production beyond the four-walled factory, and we are honored to represent and uphold the Nest mission in every artisan product we create.  

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What if...

You could expect impact, quality, and scale to co-exist across your supply chain?

You never had to question whether people were being paid fairly for the items they created?

You could remain dynamic, seasonal, and fresh in the products made available to customers year-round?

You were able to guarantee ethical material sourcing across your collections?

If your business is ready to bring the joy, quality, and positive impact of handcrafted goods to your community, clients, and customers, we’re here to help.

Ready to learn how All Across Africa’s handmade home decor and gifts can become a part of your brand’s story? Let's talk.