Skilled African women and men weave creations to forever change their worlds. 

When we pay fair hourly wages to skilled artisans who create our original natural woven products in the safety of their own homes, their sustainable income flow has a four-fold positive economic impact on their communities.

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Our Mantra

Human Opportunity. Marketplace, Equity, & Sustainability.

The words remind us we're here to create lasting opportunities for people, which we achieve through our dedication to the marketplace, to equity, and to sustainability.

Hands holding basket

Our artisans report:

Have investments
Have children in school
Have savings accounts

Our method of creating positive impact starts and ends in the same place – at home.

The lifecycle of our products begins with locally grown materials which, once harvested, travel to the homes of skilled artisans. From there, makers handcraft each piece of stunning decor that end-buyers purchase for their own dwellings. Without the idea of home, we wouldn’t exist, so we have woven it throughout our business and beliefs.

When you think of home, we invite you to think of All Across Africa, knowing for us the word stands for more.

Our commitments

H.O.M.E.S. reminds us we're here to create lasting opportunities for people, which we achieve through our dedication to the equitable production of handcrafted products. 


Honor the value, strength, and creativity of the humans all around us – they're why we exist, how we remain connected, and what makes us distinct.


Always build with future opportunities in mind – we aren't just checking a box for ourselves today; we're investing in a better tomorrow, for all.


Protect and invest in our vendor relationships by consistently delivering exceptional products and partnership – a strong position in the global marketplace is how we'll create the impact we’re after.


There's no room for ignorance when it comes to understanding the impact we have on the earth we all share – it's our job to protect the needs of the land we use and the crops we grow so both will be there for generations to come. 


We don't take more than we need and don't invest in processes we can't scale – because a strategy without a system to keep it alive is no plan at all.

Artisan impact ripples through the community.

material sourcing jobs created
secondary jobs created in the community
dependents supported
Modeste Shumbusho
Country Director, Rwanda
“Artisans are the center of community economic development. Economically empowering artisans has regional social impact. Our artisans increase productivity and employment in eight areas: education, healthcare, housing, banking, materials, food, farming, and others.”