A new way of doing business.

Where positive social impact, sustainability, and global commerce co-exist for the benefit of all.

Top brands partner with us because our innovative approach to impact-driven home decor production transforms how businesses invest in ethical supply chains.

Two artisans working
What To Expect

We are experts at natural fiber products made in the home.

Reliable Deliveries

Our global shipping network delivers on time and meets the needs of brands so that businesses can purchase with confidence. Dedicated account managers ensure that communication is clear and consistent, allowing everyone to operate in step with today's pace of supply and demand.

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Artisan carrying goods

Quality At Scale

Whether it’s two hundred pieces of hand-shaped wall decor, two hundred thousand woven baskets, or 1.2 million pieces of Pantone color-matched accent pieces–each composition is beautifully crafted with consistency and care. We meet our customer's timeline and margin needs without compromising quality. 

Dynamic Design

Our in-house design teams are located across Africa and The United States, allowing brands to benefit from real-time global trend insights. We want businesses to be proud of the products they present to customers, so we offer multiple customer sampling rounds, sustainable material options, and hundreds of rich Pantone color match dye possibilities to choose from.

Two artisans holding goods

Thoughtful Standardization

To build a thriving supply chain, standardization is a must. Everything from color dye-making and matching to storage quality control and packing procedures requires processes in place that are dependable. One of our highest priorities is maintaining and improving the systems that perform well because we understand the pace of impact depends on the speed of progress.

A Builder Mindset

Nine years ago, we started as a small and scrappy squad, hoping to make a difference. Today we're a global community of over one hundred and twenty dedicated individuals. We strive to grow big ideas, meet inevitable challenges with intelligent solutions, and work with teams that bring the right skillsets and experience to problem-solve effectively.

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Woman carrying baskets

Eye For Opportunity

We think ahead, so our retailers don't have to. We're always searching for new opportunities to share with our partners while staying true to our promises along the way. What we do, how we deliver, when we scale, and why we exist play a part in our business and partners' long-term success, so a win for one is a win for all.

Never Deplete. Always Replenish.

The sustainability of our materials is central to our success. We adjust our planting and harvesting practices to meet the changing needs of the environment and surrounding industries. Led by teams living in communities we source from, we have a first-hand connection to understanding what our materials take from the environment and what they return.

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Woman carrying baskets

Sell-Through With Story

Our customers have learned they can anticipate consistent sell-through of the products they purchase from us. We believe a vital part of our product demand comes from the stories behind the pieces, so we openly share brand assets highlighting maker narratives and info cards on social impact to use across their marketing materials. We're incredibly proud of what's gone into assembling our products and consider it an honor to share those stories with the people continuing to invest in ethically made creations. 

Allie Wallace
"Fair Trade isn’t just a movement. It’s a call to action for every one of us to live responsible lifestyles, ensuring we’re caring for those down the line that our everyday choices affect."

Alicia Wallace

COO, All Across Africa