Our Story


With a population in excess of 1 billion and a low labor demand, unemployment is as high as 80-96% across sub-Saharan Africa.  Throughout the continent, men and women are in need of income that sustainable jobs provide to support their families with food, shelter, and education.

We have the answer: High volume handmade production!

A type of manufacturing that creates thousands of  jobs and connects them to the real and competitive markets across the world resulting in the alleviation of  poverty in Africa.

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Think about it, if jobs and wages increase, charitable aid and poverty are no longer necessary.  Why sponsor a child to go to school if a woman has an income and can support herself?

But, business in the developing world needs to be done with a different mindset and  a more flexible approach than traditional business in the West. That’s why we are B Corp certified.  Fair Trade Members.  Nest Partners - Sourcing Responsible.  Being socially conscious and business savvy do not have to be mutually exclusive.  We take our business and ethic practices so serious; we formed our company’s foundation on the principles of dignity in work, grassroots & accessibility. 

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Holistically improving and empowering the lives of those we partner with and employ

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Reaching far into the rural areas where jobs are scarce, developing local leaders to lead positive change in their communities in countries

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Accepting of all; and accessed by all;  regardless of  the income level locally or abroad


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