Why Target Partnered with All Across Africa

Target's mission is to make Target stores the preferred shopping destination in all channels by delivering outstanding value, continuous innovation, and exceptional guest experiences by consistently fulfilling their “Expect More. Pay Less.” brand promise.

They do it with style and a key price point for the customer in mind.

Target focuses its marketing strategies primarily on younger customers, specifically people between 18 and 44. This age bracket makes up about 60% of Target's shoppers, so the retail store focuses on selling items that draw this age group into the store.

As a mission-based company, we, at All Across Africa have a lot of admiration and respect for Target as they have implemented and grown their foundation initiatives and are taking their sustainability and sourcing measures to a high level for the better of the people and planet.

Being a vendor has made me more loyal to Target, understanding the rigor and processes that it takes to be a vendor and the type of compliance required.

We first met Target in 2018 and worked for many months to establish a relationship with their buying team.  They were interested in All Across Africa to expand their sourcing into sustainable materials, artisan craft and a new and unique offering.

Timing played an important part, but there were three main factors why working with Target came together.

First, we had an outstanding reputation in the retail industry.  Our launch customer was Costco, a retailer that allows their customers to return products at any time without explanation, this meant our products needed to be of the highest quality. So, from our very beginning, we implemented a quality control program that is of the highest standards in the handmade artisan world.  

After the completion of our initial order with Target, they learned quickly that we very different from other artisan companies they had partnered with in the past where quality had a huge range and variance and scalability was a big challenge

Second, we operate our business with the highest integrity placing an emphasis on artisan sustainability, natural environmentally friendly materials, and employee support. We follow a strict Code of Conduct that requires a high standard from both us and our artisans.  Target also knows that this Code of Conduct is not just a document  to post on the wall, but that through a rigorous auditing process (annually) we earn our NEST certification by rating us across a matrix of more than 100 Standards.  NEST standards are the best in the handmade artisan industry and we are proud to have them as a partner. 

Our NEST certification gives Target the assurance that we are truly living out our mission on the ground in Africa not only in how we care for and compensate our artisans but also in how we treat the environment through our clean and transparent supply chain.

Lastly and most importantly for our continued business together, is Target has found a product people want.  We make beautiful and functional things for the home.  We specially design and customize each and every piece and collection for Target.  It’s not part of our standard line, it’s engineered to meet the time and materials studies and get the product to Target to meet their goals and needs.

It is done with meaning and purpose and quality natural materials that create clean air and safe spaces for artisans and for home décor enthusiasts.  Our materials, colors, trends, and techniques stretch far beyond a particular season allowing us to become both a designer and producer for partners like Target.